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Hegang TH-UNIS Insight Pesticide Chemistry Co.,Ltd , is state pesticide technical designation manufacturer and granted as production & export base by the government of Hegang city.

Hegang TH-UNIS insists on the scientific outlook on development and the people-oriented principle, among 40 employees, we have 12 scientific researchers emphasized on technical force including one Ph.D and one Ph.D. supervisor from Tsinghua University, one chemical professor from Heilongjiang University, one Ph.D from Nanjing Chemical University, as well dedicated technicians for formulation& application development from other university and our own lab.

Product research and development

The main production of Hegang TH-UNIS are herbicide basic on propanil technical 98% and various kinds of formulation such as propanil 34% EC, 80% DF and etc. Also, we can provide glyphosate solution,glufosinate solution and 2,4-D dimethylamine salt 720g/L solution, quality of the products already stands the high level around the world and has been used worldwide by exporting to many countries in South East Asia, North America, and Africa.

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